Here is a list of books, movies, sitcoms and resources that have helped get me through life and business so far!


  • “The Alchemist” ~ Paulo Coelho
  • “The Zahir” ~ Paulo Coelho
  • “The Wisdon of Florence Scovel Shinn” ~ 4 Complete Books
  • E-Squared & E-Cubed ~ Pam Grout
  • Developing Mediumship ~ Gordon Smith
  • The Big Leap ~ Gay Hendricks
  • Steal Like An Artist ~ Austin Kleon
  • A Return to Love ~ Marianne Williamson
  • Great Awakening ~ Jocelyn E. Graef
  • The Greatest Salesman in the World ~ Og Mandino
  • The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection ~ Michael A. Singer
  • Dying to Be Me ~ Anita Moorjani
  • The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment ~ Eckhart Tolle
    (I will update these as I remember and read more)


  • The Pursuit of Happyness
  • Erin Brockovich
  • The Blind Side
  • Machine Gun Preacher
  • Patch Adams
  • Freedom Writers
  • Coach Carter
  • The Help
  • Billy Elliot
  • Pay it Forward

Comedies (Movies & TV Series):

  • Step Brothers
  • White Chicks
  • Austin Powers
  • Knocked Up
  • Dan in Real Life
  • Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
  • Absolutely Fabulous
  • Get Smart
  • Modern Family
  • Malcolm in the Middle
  • Big Bang Theory

Business Tools: Please note that anything that I recommend, I have tried and tested myself, however, each of us is different and so these are just recommendations through my personal experience, I am not guaranteeing what you will experience or that what I am recommending will help your specific business, it’s up to you to do your homework!
****Also, please note that I have decided to offer my affiliate links, which means that I get paid a commission for sharing my experience and making a recommendation for some of these products and services that I use, you will know which ones because they will have a link. I didn’t go to these companies because of these links and have been with some of them for years, and thought, well, they’re offering so why not!? Maybe you can start doing this too if you have had a good experience with a company. 

  • Acuity Scheduling ~ great for scheduling your clients, free and emerging entrepreneur packages available. I tried so many others and these guys are, in my opinion, the most user friendly and just an email away with help! Here is my affiliate link if you want to join through me.
  • SiteGround ~ Internet Service Provider. I have recently moved to these guys because of their speed and 4.9 start rating. These guys have great chat help that you can use either before you sign up to ask questions, which I did, I grilled the poor guy but he was brilliant! The chat is available for other trouble shooting also. They also offer a free transfer of your site from your other host to them, which is a bonus. I think the value is great for all that you get. They suit my needs and purposes, so please do your homework. If you decide to sign up with them, here’s my affiliate link.
  • Skype ~ I use Skype for conducting my readings and one on one sessions with, you can have the camera on or off, whatever suits you and your clients. You can also conduct group calls. I have also bought Skype recorder to be able to record calls, I think it cost me around $20 US. I love the simplicity and ease of use of Skype.
  • Zoom ~ I have a paid version of Zoom to conduct group calls and certain work calls.  Zoom allows you to share your screen, record calls and have multiple people on the call. It has heaps of other features that I haven’t tried yet, but I have to say, it’s great value for any online business. Here’s my affiliate link.
  • Mailchimp ~ I use the free version of Mailchimp for my email list. It can be a bit tricky to use, but it’s pretty sophisticated and a generous and amazing product, especially because it is free for people who have a certain list size.
  • Canva ~ I have the paid version of Canva, initially I didn’t, and to be honest, I can’t remember why I am paying for it, as in what features I get for the paid version. But, I love Canva for all of my graphics and e-book design and creation. I also created my own logo in Canva and most of my graphics for my website.
  • PicMonkey ~ I love PicMonkey, it’s so useful and user friendly. Great for putting quotes on photos, resizing photos, enhancing and creating graphics. There is a free and paid version offered.
  • WordPress Divi Theme ~ This is the theme I use for my website and any other websites I develop. It’s so user friendly and gorgeous.
  • Fiverr ~ I have used Fiverr on and off and it has been hit and miss, but sometimes you can find really great services for great prices, but remember you get what you pay for most of the time! My tip would be to look for service providers that have multiple 5 star recommendations, as in, I personally look for the ones that have over 50. Great for the small techy jobs that are driving you nuts!!I will update more as I remember and get time. Hope these help, and remember, these are only recommendations and I urge you to do your own homework.