I was lucky enough to take a trip down memory lane with a couple of friends the other day; we were talking about our love of Prince and how as teenage girls, we would lip sync, choreograph dances and perform to his music…and then it got me thinking, what happened to those girls that had no fear? Those girls who could laugh, dance on table tops and have fun whenever they wanted? Those girls that didn’t take life or themselves so seriously?

When did they lose touch with their inner Prince?

Becoming adults is what happened. All of a sudden those girls started behaving and acting in a way they ‘thought’ society expected them to act. They started worrying about what people may think or say if they danced on table tops, or, if they were a bit different. Not appreciating that in reality, the people that mattered would be dancing on the table tops with them, or hoisting them up on to the table top. And the others? Well they were sitting in the background wishing they had the courage to get up on that table top, getting in touch with their inner Prince too!

This is also what we do in our life and businesses. We hide behind this bullshit persona of who we think we should be to be accepted, or we hide behind our computer screens, worried about what people may think of us and our ideas; we’re too scared to put our true selves out there. Too scared to tell our story, to be ourselves! Worried that we don’t know enough, or that too many people are doing the same thing.

We end up losing that excitement we had when we first started our business. We get stuck in a rut or lose focus and direction. We procrastinate and sit around day dreaming about how things could be and don’t actually push ourselves to get out there doing it! We end up sitting in the background watching other business owners dancing on table tops.

The quickest way to push past those fears, both in life and business, is to get in touch with your inner Prince. Crank up some of his songs, Let’s Go Crazy, Baby I’m a Star, Darling Nikki, just to name a few…dance, gyrate, hold those performances, get up on to that fucking table and shake your arse! As the great man himself says, “Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down?”

I didn’t think so!

I hope that what you take away from reading this is to remember to have fun, no matter what, and that you always have choices: you have the choice to dance on the table tops whenever you want.


**(Original Portrait of Prince courtesy of Laural Retz Studio, available to purchase)**

Originally written in 2014.

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