The magical essence of who you really are is now emerging.

You have followed the knowing from deep within and the quiet whispers from your ancient and wise ones for most of your life.

Your soul is now joining and becoming one with your spirit and with your ego.

Together at last, the three can do a dance that is balanced and harmonious and free.

The timing is Divine.

It’s her time to lead the way.

The path has been cleared, light illuminates the way, she knows the dance, she has prepared for this time for lifetimes, and it’s opening night tonight for the rest of her life.

She enters the new year with grace and with reverence and gratitude for the past, and she now goes forth to accept the abundance and manifestation of her dreams into reality.

Always follow your truth and your heart.

Thank you for keeping me company on this magical ride! Wishing you all a very safe, fun and happy 2018! ??

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