Years ago, when I was starting my online business, I marketed myself without thought, as in, I just wrote my marketing material as if I was speaking to someone face to face. And according to some people it was very in your face.
I had run a business previously and was very clear about the type of people I wanted to work with, and I didn’t think twice about mentioning it in my copy.
But then I got wobbly, because people told me that I needed to tone myself down, shocked comments like, ‘you come across as too this or too that.’ Fuck, I was just being myself. So I started to tone myself down, a lot! I held myself back and worried about what people would think.
Worrying about what others think of you is the biggest killer of living your dreams! People who criticise or judge are just bored with their own lives, they are the ones that are living the mediocre lives, boring day in and day out lives, putting up with their so called lot!
I’ve always stood out. I can’t help it. I stand up for myself, I stand up to bullies and stand up for truth. I even refused to sit down in court once when I appeared before a judge who was making a totally biased and uninformed decision. He made the decision anyway, because he could, but I felt so fucking good that I didn’t sit down when he demanded that I do, and, that he left the court room because of my refusal to obey him. ?
I know who I am, my intentions are always good, and because I am living and speaking my truth, and I don’t conform to other people’s expectations, I will definitely be too much for some people, and I love that, because I am free!
Don’t ever be ashamed of who you are. Don’t change your personality to fit in, don’t change how you do things or what you do or wear or how you are because others can’t handle you. (If you are a psycho, ignore all of this ?).
Get in touch with that side of yourself, your spirit, it’s been with you always, and it’s the one that puts that spring in your step and has never left you, no matter how much others tried to dull her! So support and cheer her on! Let your spirit out, let it fly free, give it the front seat in your life! Show up as the true you, be the true you!
It’s not wrong to be too strong spirited!

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