I think at the end of the day some of us have lost touch with who we really are,
we have become lost amongst all of the shouldings,
we are lost and we are trying to find our way back…
back to who we were as kids.

We have glimpses and this knowing of who we are and this knowing what we are here for, it’s what drives us.

But fear and doubt and the shouldings keep holding us back, so we become scared to just be.

In that fear we have buried it all deep.

We have forgotten how to just be.
We don’t know how to live as the real me.

We are consumed with thoughts and things of how we should do this and how we should do that, and we fall into that trap.

That trap of trying to be one of the sheep.

The trap of trying to do what everyone else does to get to where they are.
We fall into the trap of listening to everyone else and looking to everyone else for guidance and forget about what we were given when we were brought into this world, our inner compass.

Our unique sense of knowing, of what feels right and what doesn’t feel right just for us…
We got lost in the shouldings, lost in the conforming, of the putting up and shutting up to keep the peace,
to keep the friends,
to keep the job,
to keep up with the repayments,
to keep the family happy,
to keep the boss happy,
to keep the kids and the hubby happy…
to keep everyone else happy that we forget…

Who am I?
Do I exist?
What makes me happy?
What do I really want?

Then we go on a new journey of starting something, starting different somethings, but again following and keeping up and basically trying to push shit up hill.

And then we find ourselves back in that same place.


Because we can’t hear. We can’t see. We can’t feel.

We don’t know how to honor and to just be.

We start reflecting, we search, and yes, we go within… yet all we hear is…
meditate this way, breathe that way, eat this, drink that, do this and don’t do that…

We start remembering, the spark gets ignited… and then we question, we doubt, we follow and look outside for how we should do it, what we should be doing, thinking and feeling…

The glimpses are still there, they linger longer… and we know that there is something there, something we are meant to be doing, we become braver and dip our toe in the waters… we start questioning, experimenting and searching…

We start realizing there is no right or wrong and that the only thing we are here to do, and should be doing in life, is to be our true selves!

I am running a ‘Create Your Brand’s Unique Story’ Workshop on 22 January 2018 where I will teach you how to craft your unique brand story and, how to unlearn all of the ‘shouldings’ you have learned over the years. Follow this link to find out more.

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