Thank you for following your curiosity!


When I was actively trying to strengthen my intuition, all kinds of fun was being had, (along with some really low points). What I found was that my interest in creative projects were heightened and so I followed my curiosity and just surrendered to what I would create. Keep in mind that I am a recovering perfectionist, so this was something I had to mindfully work on.

This is how the Inner Wisdom Beads were created.

I didn’t put any thought into making them, I just did the physical work to allow them to be created. Yes, they look very simple, BUT, most often we find beauty in simplicity and these beads are super spot on, trust me, I have used them to give “test” readings on people I didn’t know and the feedback I got was very positive.

I don’t use them anymore, but I treasure my set as they were the perfect and simple crutch I needed during my early days of not trusting that spirit would always deliver! I decided to share them for this very reason. I hope that you find them just as helpful along your journey.

If you would like to create your own set of Inner Wisdom Beads, I have created an audio file and slides to walk you through the process. Just press the button below and you will be taken, via my newsletter opt in, to the link! If you do make them, I’d love to hear your feedback and experience with them, so please send me an email and let me know! xx

Have fun! xx