When I was 15 I heard this voice — it told me not to go, it was a loud voice and it sounded exactly like me, but it wasn’t me. Being 15, I didn’t listen or really take much notice of it, and it was right, I shouldn’t have gone! My whole life totally changed direction after that day and I spent years of my life making up for not listening, and even today there is some residue left from it. But being a very curious and inquisitive and rebellious 15-year-old, there was no other way but my way!

Other things started happening around that age too. I realized that I was highly sensitive. I felt other people’s emotions and it was hard to deal with, very confusing and tiring.

Fast forward to 1997.

I was turning right into an intersection on my way home from an evening shift at work, I still remember exactly where I was at the time, when I heard that voice again, it said, “he’s going to leave you tonight” — this time when I heard the voice it was as though the wind was knocked out of me too!

When I got home, my husband at the time was standing at the door with his bags packed and told me he was leaving me! Everything felt kind of surreal at that moment. I didn’t even think about the pre-warning I had just received from the voice. I was so overwhelmed and focused with dealing with what I was faced with.

After that whole incident, more things started happening.

I saw a vision of me speaking to large audiences of women, I had written a book and was somehow inspiring them… believe you me, in 1997 I didn’t feel inspirational, I felt like a complete loser!

But something inside of me pushed me into following a path to help other women. And because I had just been involved with lawyers and the court system, I decided that if I became a lawyer, I could not only help women (and by extension their children) with their legal matter, but I could also offer them a different perspective on divorce.

What I wanted to be able to do was to show them that they had choices, and that getting a divorce didn’t need to be nasty and becoming a victim to your feelings and new circumstances. I wanted to show women that out of something as life changing and debilitating as a marriage break down can be, that it could also be seen as a blessing! That you could still create the life you were intending to create with your spouse, but alone!

I was very naive and only 24 at the time, so go easy!

Yet off I went to study law.

And when I finished my law degree I got a job as a lawyer and, not long into having that job I heard the voice again. This time it told me that I was going to marry the guy that had just walked past my office! It was his first day at work! I turned to my work colleague and told her, apparently I’m going to marry him, and then we laughed!

Again I didn’t think twice about hearing it, which kind of baffles me now as I am writing this because what I heard was loud! And so far the track record of what the voice was telling me was 100 percent accurate! But as they say, if you’re not ready, you’re not ready!!

A few months after the, “you’re going to marry him” announcement, I heard it again. This time it told me that I was going to be off work for a long time.

That night, while I was playing indoor soccer, I had a freak accident on the court! I was taken to hospital and I was told that I had shattered numerous bones in my left foot. I was told that I would need to be operated on and that I would have to wait until the swelling subsided before they could operate! That was on the 6th of December! The swelling didn’t subside until around the 20th of December and I was operated on shortly thereafter. It wasn’t until the night before the operation that I remembered what the voice had told me during the day of my accident and realized that this time I had actually listened to it and had cleaned up my office and got all of my files up to date.

Oh and let me tell you the rest!

That guy that walked past my office, that the voice told me I was going to marry, was a friend of mine by that stage and he came to visit me while I was in hospital. He later told me that it was very out of character for him to do that, but something told him to come.

About eight months after my hospital stay, we got married.

You would think that after all of the evidence that the voice presented me, that I would wake up and question things. I didn’t, I sort of brushed it aside and thought it was just a fluke or something, not really giving it a second thought.

But then as the years went on, I was starting to really know things that I couldn’t possibly know. I could feel and sense things and I started to feel as though I was going crazy!

I went to Paris earlier this year in part to find answers. And while I was there I went to a workshop that a world renowned psychic was holding. The first thing she said to our small group was, if you think you’re crazy, you’re not!

I burst into tears and couldn’t stop crying. I felt so relieved that someone actually told me out loud that I wasn’t going crazy!

I’m still scared to label what it is I do. I need to get my head around it all first and, get out of my legal mind. Which by the way, I finally walked away from my legal career this year. It was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made because I had worked so hard to become a lawyer and felt the pressure to stay on!

There have been many times in my life where the decisions that I have made haven’t made sense to me or to anyone else. And to be honest, some of those decisions were forced upon me, I don’t know if you have heard, but when you aren’t on your true path, the Universe will cause all kinds of things to happen to make sure you do get on that path, for example, freak accidents causing you to break your foot whilst playing indoor soccer!

And if you are wondering, yes, I have often wished to be normal, to just cruise along in my life as I knew it, without turning things upside down and being, well, weird in a way! But no matter how much I tried to ignore it, it wouldn’t leave me alone and, I couldn’t just flick a switch to turn things off!

I wonder if you’ve ever felt this push within you where you have no choice but to follow those little nudges?

And of course there was that other side of me that knew that my career in law had served its purpose and that it was time to move on to the next phase in my journey. So that is where I am at now, feeling scared and excited about finally being truthful about who I really am!

Since following my curiosity and being guided to some answers, I have learnt, and accept, that I am highly intuitive and that I hear, see, sense and just know things! I can tell if someone is lying to themselves or to others, yea I know, it’s pretty uncomfortable for me too, that’s why I don’t actually hang out with many people anymore!

I can get to the core of who people are within a few minutes of speaking to them.

I have heard, seen and felt other people’s loved ones and have been able to pass on what they looked like, what their personalities were like and messages they have. There have certainly been tears shed because it’s such a beautiful experience to be able to facilitate and witness such connections taking place. The love I get to feel is totally breathtaking, kind of like when you first lay your eyes on your child when it is first born!

I feel so grateful to be on this part of my journey. My book is well on its way, and I can see the speaking engagements coming up. I suppose a big reason why I am telling you this is because I went through so much self doubt and fear and almost gave up along the way, but there was always that part of me that wouldn’t let me give up on that dream!

So please, don’t give up on your dreams okay? They’re a lot closer to actualising than you can imagine!


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