I’m so excited to be able to share what I have learnt so far along my entrepreneurial and spiritual journey with you.

I have been entrepreneurial from the age of 4!

When I was around 8 years old, I was dragged along house hunting with my parents, and they would talk about how they could renovate the properties, and bang, my love of properties and renovations was born!

In my early teens I was still very entrepreneurial and always talked about importing handicrafts from other countries because I was so drawn to the beauty of their art. And then in my early twenties, I won a $10,000 mentoring grant for a business idea I had, but I never got to take it up because my life suddenly took a surprise turn, my husband left me unexpectedly. I was now a single mother.

Eventually I did something totally different.

I decided that I wanted to be a lawyer so I could help other women and children. I ended up starting a law firm with my second husband (still very happily married after ten years). I learnt so much about business, marketing and the ebbs and flows during the seven years we had that business.

While I was running that business I had this strong urge to create another business, a totally different one, and for the next eight years, I took course after course to learn how to create that business, because in all reality, there was no formula to follow, trust me, I tried everything I had learnt and was being taught, and it just didn’t work.

When you’re hiding a major aspect of yourself, ehem, being a psychic medium, and you’re trying to feel aligned, happy and balanced in all that you do, forget it!

In this ebook, I share what I learnt and how the penny finally dropped. I really hope that it helps you in some way along your journey, because being a spiritual entrepreneur is different, but it’s also brilliant!

In the e-Book, you’ll get…

  • My top 5 tips and lessons I have learnt from running both a law firm and a spiritual based business
  • A snippet into the process spiritual entrepreneurs go through on their journey
  • How staying in the spiritual closet impacts your life and business.
  • And, hopefully a few laughs and lots of reasons to keep you going!

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