Are you looking to take the leap and give 2018 your best to create the life and business you know you’re meant to have?

Have you got a strong desire to make some changes in your life and business so you can create more time to enjoy life whilst still growing your business?

If you are clear in your business, as in, you are already creating a consistent income and are ready to move things up to another level, and are looking to streamline and work smarter rather than harder and longer, whilst continuing to make money, then this Mastermind is for you!

Having the experience of a dynamic group will help propel your life and business to heights you can’t even imagine just yet!

Who am I to run a mastermind? Great question!

I went from being a single mum with no trades or qualifications to deciding that I wanted to become a lawyer. I moved state with my two young kids to go to law school.

Not only did I get a law degree, but came away from that experience learning one of the most profound life and business lessons, I learnt that nothing gets in the way of your success but you!

I then went on to create a business from scratch (with my second husband) that went on to make multiple millions of dollars!

After achieving all of my financial and materialistic goals, I realised that I wasn’t actually living my truth, so I walked away from all of that and now I am living a life that I am totally aligned with, I came out of the spiritual closet as a psychic medium and, I have a business that I absolutely love, I see it as my life’s work! I am living my purpose.

help facilitate and create transformative results for my clients and have run in person and online masterminds in the past. 

Mastermind groups can catapult your life and business success, and this one is designed specifically for spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to implement changes in their business to streamline it more, to create in person and online programs, workshops and retreats so they can free up time to be able to enjoy their life more.

These groups are carefully curated to ensure that the people who join are heart centred, generous, kind, service and business focused also.

You will get:

🖤   A private Facebook group to get to know and support one another;

🖤   Weekly live Q & A where your individual questions will be answered in the group during specific hours;

🖤   Clear action steps and accountability;

🖤   Exclusive groups of 6 participants, each having signed and agreed to a confidentiality clause;

🖤   Zoom hot seat sessions twice per month,  where each participant discusses their business issue while the others help brainstorm objective, creative and practical ideas for you to implement;

🖤   Monthly workshops and special guests to teach and share their expertise in various areas of business, marketing, spirituality and the technical side of things like websites, SEO and social media.

The Mastermind cost is $500 per month.

You can opt in to join either a 6 or 12 month group.

Are you ready to become part of a powerful Mastermind group to achieve amazing and real next level results in your life and business?

The Mastermind will commence on Monday 5 February 2018.

If you are interested in this mastermind program and want to find out more and, to see if it’s right for you (and if you’re the right fit for it), click on the button below to book in a free consultation.