Sometimes in life we feel empty

and needless to say
Desperate for love

Love is within
Love is there
Can’t you feel it?
Can’t you see it?
It is everywhere

Open yourself to the love
Feel it
Don’t be scared


Be love

Sometimes life throws you bananas
Eat them

Fill your pockets with them and then eat them all up

And once you have,

Smile from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat

Love it like you just ate a mouse
Grin just like the Cheshire cat, because you know what?
No one else does

But they do eat the mouse that gave you the bananas and they
run through the woods and play in the fields

Have fun
Let go
Eat the bananas
and run through the fields

The Cheshire cat ate love, not the mouse
That’s why the grin from ear to ear.

He knew…
We all know but can’t believe
it’s too simple to believe


Swallow love!


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