Do you want to know when you will meet your soul mate?

Do you want to know when the right time is to change your job or leave it to pursue your dreams?

Maybe when to start a family, or where or when you should move to or, when things will change for the better?

I’ll answer it all for you right now!

You will meet your soul mate at exactly the time you are meant to meet them, most likely when you are not looking, not being so desperate and when you least expect it to happen… so get busy living life and stop waiting.

Your soul already knows that the things you want will come to you and, that they will happen, but you’re being impatient and just waiting for it to happen, you’re wasting your life when you wait around.

The secret here is, you can’t wait for it, you have to live a full life.

You have to start doing the things you want to do without being consumed by the thoughts of when ‘it’ will happen. Don’t drive yourself bonkers asking that, the more you sit around and wait, the longer it will take, the more you get out and do the things that you truly want to do in life, that’s when it all happens!

You can change or leave your job at anytime you decide to.

You just have to take the action required to do so. This is totally in your control. Yes, even if you have debt or mortgages to pay or rent to pay; if you want it bad enough you can and will make it happen, if that is what you want to happen.

When is the right time to start a family?

What is the right time? If you are seriously considering having children, what’s the difference between three months and 12 months for example? My point is, you can and will make it all happen, when you want it to happen, if that is what you want! Granted sometimes medical issues don’t allow you to have a family naturally, but, there are other ways for you to have a family. Decide and start taking the action.

Sometimes you are given a family in totally unexpected and miraculous ways! So don’t ever lose hope!

When is the right time to move or where am I going to move?

Anytime you want to is the right time and anywhere you want to is the right place.

Look at the common words I have used, want and you.

You can make anything happen.

When will things change for the better?

When you decide they will. When you take the action and make the choice for them to change!

Believe, take action, live and surrender.

It will all work out even if it doesn’t look like it at the time, it will, just believe and start really living!

I do offer clarity readings where I work with spirit to help you get clear on next steps and to give you confirmation and confidence in where you are heading. The readings are more like having a spiritual chat with your higher self. Follow this link to find out more.

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