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I Help You Connect With Your True Power Within, So You Can Follow Your Soul’s Calling And Let Your Spirit Fly!
Imagine that each of us is a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, and, the Universe/God is the completed jigsaw puzzle.

Each of us has a unique place to fill in that puzzle, each of us is part of the bigger picture, we are all attached and connected and, in order to complete the puzzle, we must all find our rightful places in it and help others do the same.

Can you see how vital it is for you not to try and fit in just anywhere and, for you to be your true self?

If you want guidance to find your true place in that puzzle from someone who has found hers, I’m your girl!

Keyon xx

‘You Had the Power All Along My Dear.’

~ Glinda, The Good Witch

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I recently had a spot on session with Keyon. My mouth was wide open from the start. Her clear and direct guidance was one of the best readings I’ve ever had, and I’m not easily impressed EVER! No general messages here! The way she was able to drill deep and speak to and of me as if she’d known me my entire life. She asked for NOTHING! But she gave LOTS! Keyon works very closely with Spirit and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to read with her!

Sophia Towns ~ USA


“Can’t thank you enough for the confirmation and guidance you have given me with my Energy Healing business and Spiritual work.

Your intuitive insights into where and why I’ve been stuck and how to get myself past those blocks to grow my business and help more clients has been invaluable.

Don’t know where I’d be without your practical, honest, psychic foot in my ass!!!” 😍😉🔮😇 #IFLY

 ‎Lyndy Jewell‎ ~ Australia

Lyndy Jewell Psychic Healer

“Working with Keyon has been SO powerful. After just one session she was able to pull parts of my story out of me that I was keeping hidden away without even realizing it. She helped me write my story in a way that feels in complete alignment with exactly who I am, and it feels so freakin’ fantastic! Truth is I was afraid to share some of the stuff that came out because I thought it would scare people away. But, what happened was exactly the opposite. In a matter of 2 days after sharing what I really wanted to be offering and who was behind the REAL me, I’ve been attracting more clients to me like a magnet! Keyon gave me the swift kick in the booty that I needed to stop waiting and do the thing I was scared of too. Don’t even think about making excuses with her! She is without a doubt an expert at what she does with a no-nonsenseapproach (and uncanny intuition) to weeding out the b.s. you might be hiding behind. I highly recommend working with her as it has shifted my mindset and how I approach my work tremendously!
You are AMAZING Keyon!  Lots of love and gratitude to you!”

Mishy Matthews ~ Costa Rica
Be Well By Michelle ~ Shamanic Energy Healer

“Thank you so much Keyon!!!! I left our meeting feeling like a completely different person than when I arrived. I walked in knowing I had dreams and goals and on a good day I even believe I can achieve them, however those negative voices in my head chip away at me most days. You know the ones that tell you “it’s too hard”, “what will people think”, “you can’t do this on your own” and they paralyse me from moving forward. I left, feeling “PUMPED” for want of a better word and felt like I could take on the world. Your direct, no nonsense approach to coaching is just what I needed to kick those voices up the butt and send them packingI will definitely be seeing you again!!!!!”

Thanks again!
Carolyn ~ Australia

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