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A Lesson in Self Awareness.

Little old lady across the street, why do you just sit there all day? Little old lady across the street, why was I so angry at you? Why did your presence invoke those feelings within me? Little old lady across the street, you became my companion without even knowing...

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Never A Wrong Way.

If you listen to your voice, your inner compass, and you take every step without doubting, and you trust it, you can’t go wrong, even if it doesn’t work out the way you think it’s going to work out, or you hope for it to work out, you just can’t be wrong! Whatever...

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A Spiritual Rendezvous in Paris

I’ve been battling with my ego and confidence for many years now… but the battle with my ego has recently intensified. I’ve been told that it is because I’m starting to find my feet, my calling, my purpose, my authentic self… maybe my balls!

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Surrender & Just Be!

Sometimes the flowers fall despite the strength of the attachment to the tree.
The sky is so blue and the sun is so bright, but the flower just can’t hang on – it’s not the end of that flower, it’s just the end of that flower being

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Have You Ever Wondered If You’re Psychic?

When I was 15 I heard this voice — it told me not to go, it was a loud voice and it sounded exactly like me, but it wasn’t me. Being 15, I didn’t listen or really take much notice of it, and it was right, I shouldn’t have gone! My whole life totally changed direction after that day and I spent years of my life making up for not listening, and even today there is some residue left from

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Being Considerate to Others can be Inconsiderate to Self!

On the weekend I finished my Reiki 1 course.

I was pretty excited because I learnt so much and I am a junky when it comes to learning about spirituality, healing, clairvoyance, metaphysics etc…I have been a student of all of that stuff for more than half my life, but the more I learn the more I realise I don’t know much!!

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I Need a Me for Me!

For years I have been searching, seeking, asking, everyone, anyone… feeling so desperate, scared, alone and at times just plain old crazy. I jumped from coach to coach, psychic to psychic, anyone that

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How I Found My Mr. Happily Ever After

If you want to be married or in a long term relationship, but find yourself attracting Mr. Won’t Commit, or, Mr. I Don’t Believe in Marriage, I’ll tell you why — it’s because you’re not being upfront. Yes, you heard me,

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