“Nothing will work unless you do.”  ~ Maya Angelou


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Success Self Marketing for Female Spiritual Entrepreneurs

How do you put yourself out there, or, put an offer out if you don’t know, or can’t articulate with clarity, what it is you actually do in your business?

Or, how many times have you felt like you have finally figured out what it is you do, to then fall into a heap of self doubt and feelings of being stuck, or, wanting to run for the hills?

Don’t worry, as crazy as this sounds for a business owner, it’s actually a real phenomena amongst intuitive/spiritual/creative/heart centred entrepreneurs, and, I believe, it’s the number one cause that holds you back from making money and being able to market your business with confidence and success.

Below is a transcript of a plea I made to a psychic after she told me that all I had to do, for my business to work, was to jump and that I would be caught;

“I feel really stuck, in that I don’t know what the fuck I am doing, I’m so confused, I feel like I’m jumping from this to that to this and I’m not sure and I’m so frustrated, I’ve retreated, and for the last couple of months, I’ve done nothing!”

I knew in my heart of hearts that I would be caught if I jumped.

I trust the Universe wholeheartedly.

But not being able to articulate what it is that I was doing, not even to myself made me scared and created even more self doubt within, which meant that no matter how much I wanted to jump, I just couldn’t.

And to be brutally honest with you, this whole process took me about 8 years of trying, crying, frustrations, tweaking, and never being able to make a constant flow of income from any of my offers because I had other things to contend with too;

  • being a multi passionate, as in, I fucken love doing so many things,
  • having psychic/mediumship abilities and being scared to admit it out loud,
  • being a perfectionist amongst other things.

I just didn’t know how, or if, I could actually create a business that I loved and so desperately wanted to create, and, make a living out of doing it!

Was it even possible? Was I just crazy to even be thinking I could do this!?

I was never able to find any one course or support service that was geared towards helping someone like me; someone who doesn’t, and never has, fit in a box, someone who is trying to create something from within myself that hasn’t been created before and doesn’t have a blue print or formula to follow!

Lucky for me (and for you) that I never gave up (because people like us just can’t, it’s not in our DNA), after all of the hard work, it all finally clicked.

I have been able to finally articulate, with clarity what it is I do, so that not only I understand it and feel totally in love and aligned with it, but, the people who need what it is I do can understand it too!!

I’m Keyon, and I help female intuitive/spiritual/creative/heart centred entrepreneurs find clarity in what it is they do so they can market themselves with confidence and success!

I meet you where you’re at, that is, whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a newbie entrepreneur.

I use my laser sharp intuition, psychic and mediumship abilities and my years of business, life, spiritual and everyday experiences and lessons that I have learnt to hone into your higher self’s calling and confirm your truth back to you so you can finally gain the clarity you are looking for and confidently market yourself with success.

There is a formula but it’s not mainstream and it’s not for mainstream people.

These sessions are designed for you if you identify as an intuitive/spiritual/creative/heart centred entrepreneur and you are over feeling frustrated or just plain crazy, if you’re ready to listen, to speak your truth, to do the work and, to face some truths, even if it hurt (just for a little while).

These sessions are not designed for everybody, and I don’t work with just anybody.

The sessions are fast paced, you may get interrupted a lot, but, there is a method to the “madness” and it’ll get us to the crux of the issue that is holding you back so you can then move forward with clarity.

The sessions run between 45 minutes to 60 minutes long, each session is tailored to your higher self’s calling and where you are currently at in your business.



Keyon’s no BS approach to Divine guidance and wisdom is unparalleled in the psychic world.  She sees your light and fiercely defends it while reflecting it back to you.  What comes forward isn’t always the easiest thing for our egoic selves to hear or process, but it’s always truth and it’s always spot on.  If you want the truth, not the watered down, candy coated version of next steps and the big picture of your life, work with Keyon.  If you want to be told what you want to hear, work with someone else! Working with Keyon gave me courage to act and step through my fear because I knew deeply it was truth.

Sherri ~ Canada

Can’t thank you enough for the confirmation and guidance you have given me with my Energy Healing business and Spiritual work.

Your intuitive insights into where and why I’ve been stuck and how to get myself past those blocks to grow my business and help more clients has been invaluable.

Don’t know where I’d be without your practical, honest, psychic foot in my ass!!! 😍😉🔮😇 #IFLY

‎Lyndy Jewell‎ ~ Australia

Working with Keyon has been SO powerful. After just one session she was able to pull parts of my story out of me that I was keeping hidden away without even realizing it. She helped me write my story in a way that feels in complete alignment with exactly who I am, and it feels so freakin’ fantastic! Truth is I was afraid to share some of the stuff that came out because I thought it would scare people away. But, what happened was exactly the opposite. In a matter of 2 days after sharing what I really wanted to be offering and who was behind the REAL me, I’ve been attracting more clients to me like a magnet! Keyon gave me the swift kick in the booty that I needed to stop waiting and do the thing I was scared of too. Don’t even think about making excuses with her! She is without a doubt an expert at what she does with a no-nonsense approach (and uncanny intuition) to weeding out the b.s. you might be hiding behind. I highly recommend working with her as it has shifted my mindset and how I approach my work tremendously!
You are AMAZING Keyon!  Lots of love and gratitude to you!

Michelle ~ USA

Thank you so much Keyon!!!! I left our meeting feeling like a completely different person than when I arrived.

I walked in knowing I had dreams and goals and on a good day I even believe I can achieve them, however those negative voices in my head chip away at me most days. You know the ones that tell you “it’s too hard”, “what will people think”, “you can’t do this on your own” and they paralyse me from moving forward.

I left, feeling “PUMPED” for want of a better word and felt like I could take on the world. Your direct, no nonsense approach to coaching is just what I needed to kick those voices up the butt and send them packing.

I will definitely be seeing you again!!!!!

Thanks again


Carolyn ~ Australia

“I had an amazing session with Keyon where I received the most beautiful, loving, encouraging, and supportive messages from my spiritual guides. The timing of my session could not have been more perfect, and I really received the exact messages I needed to hear at that time.

While the information that Keyon was able to pick up on and relay to me was certainly accurate for me, what I truly appreciated was the sincerity, patience, warmth, and compassion that Keyon demonstrated during our session. She truly has a gift, and I have no doubt that she will help so many others through her work.

For anyone who is looking to receive messages and guidance from Spirit, I say book a session with Keyon. It will be a gift that you are giving to yourself!”

Niketa ~ USA

“I found what you relayed to me to be highly accurate, and the more I reflect on the reading the more accurate I realize you were.

All in all, the reading was fantastic and inspiring. I’ve previously had 5 or so “professional” readings and yours was just as accurate and helpful as any of them and more so in some cases.

I am truly thankful for you, your abilities, and for the Universe putting you in my path. The advice you imparted gave me a sense of safety as well as a new confidence to actively be my authentic self. I literally don’t have the words to thank you enough.”

Laura ~ USA

“The reading Keyon gave me was very in-depth and extremely articulate. I loved how she put each answer into greater context enabling me to easily and immediately apply her responses to my exact situation.

I knew right from the beginning she had tuned into my energy after answering my first question by more or less reaffirming the same message spirit tries to impress upon me no matter which way I word that particular question!

I would highly recommend a reading from Keyon as she’s personable, thorough and concise.”

Jason ~ USA

“Keyon clearly has a gift and is in communication with her and other’s guides. When my aunt came through it was palpable. It isn’t so much in the words Keyon shared but it was more of an energy transmission, that allowed my aunt to feel so present.

Keyon is vulnerable and authentic in her work, and I was touched when what she saw was emotional to her.

Through her guidance Keyon gave clear advice and action steps which I appreciated.

Jennifer ~ USA

Hi Keyon,

Thank you so much for the healing! I am excited to put the suggestions that came through into practice.

I loved having a breakdown of the different chakra areas and how to focus on each one individually. I have had a lot of issues with my 5th chakra area, so it was great to not only get information, but to get a tip on something I can do to try to support it!

You have a very loving, positive and sweet energy and it shows in your delivery of the messages you receive.

Thank you again!

Justine ~ USA

Speaking with Keyon was like speaking to a dear friend whom I haven’t spoken to in a long time. She instantly put me at ease and created a space where I felt ok to just “be”.

In her reading of me, Keyon shared what came to/through her, which happened to be completely congruent with what other’s (who have known me for a long time) have been telling me. She was spot on with everything she said and shared everything with love and care.

Keyon definitely has a gift to share with the world.

If you are looking for direction and certainty, I highly recommend having a conversation with Keyon!

Heather ~ USA

“Keyon, I love you! Thank you for your healing and for the email. If you ever want to chat about the reading, I would love to show you just how accurate you are.

This email comes a week later primarily because I sat with it. I felt your truth resonate with my spirit and read it every day for the last 7 days. It served as a reminder, as an epiphany and as a roadmap to what is currently happening in this physical world.”

Madhvi ~ Canada

I highly recommend receiving a reading with Keyon. She told me exactly what I needed to hear and was able to take me back to a specific time in my past that helped me see that I’ve always had exactly what I needed within me to help me move into this next phase of journey. She was also able to give me specific steps and direction that have given me insight and clarity around my business and my life. I am forever grateful to her for sharing her powerful gift with me.

Denise ~ USA

Keyon made me so comfortable from the start. She helped me to find my voice inside myself. Her presence, even though our session was over Skype, helped me to be more honest, and empowered me to answer my own question.

Natsumi ~ USA

When Keyon extended an invitation for me to join the Dare to Dream Mastermind, I didn’t  really know what to expect but I was open to the journey and the timing was perfect.

Right out the gate, our very first call confirmed that the financial sacrifice I made to be a part of this group would be well worth it. We got down to the soul of things. Being a part of this intimate group helped me understand how I truly wanted to show up in all areas of my life.

At first I had a setback. But with Keyon’s guidance, I was able to get really dialled into what my soul desire was longing for.

As I  began to implement, my vision began to unfold. I was able to make clear decisions and trust the process. Diving more into myself and really doing things I have been desiring to do, which has also provided me with teachable moments and guiding lessons I can share with other women.

I’ve learned to be happy in my own lane and set clear boundaries for how I want to engage and interact with others.

Simone ~ USA

The minute I heard Keyon speak, I knew I needed to be a part of her Dare to Dream Mastermind. Her no nonsense attitude combined with her warmth and sincere desire to serve is so refreshing.  She provides a safe space for you to bring all of what you are experiencing to the table and her guidance and support is always offered with love, truth and compassion.

She has the beautiful ability to meet you exactly where you are with the intention to always lift you to where she knows you are meant to go. I am so so grateful to have crossed paths with her on my journey and feel blessed to have been part of her mastermind.

Denise ~ USA

There is so much about this experience that I have loved.. how you manage to take the pressure off, while still inspiring action. How do you do that? It is such a gift. I feel the greatest value I received was in working with you directly. I cannot say enough good things about this aspect. Your absolute willingness to be there for me, to intuit what what was going on, and to provide exactly what was needed when I didn’t even know myself… was remarkable. The combination of your intuition and wisdom is a remarkable force. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Natanya ~ USA

When I first met Keyon, I was self-absorbed, angry, jealous and scared. I was also bulimic. It took a while to trust Keyon because I didn’t trust anyone!  Keyon was pretty upfront and unafraid of telling me the truth, nobody else dared go there.  I didn’t want to get close to anyone and this was reflected in the way I treated other people, which was quite poorly. I was rude, bitchy, judgmental, closed-off, you name it, I was that. Sometimes I still go back to that place – but the difference is I don’t stay there long because Keyon has taught me about choices, I am also aware of who I am and how I am.