I thought that because I had already run a successful business that I could easily emulate that success in my spiritual based business!

What a crock that was.

I owned my own law firm and it was hugely successful, I learnt so much in my 7 years in that business: marketing, networking, growing a business, hiring staff, training/mentoring staff, and just how business works.

But everything I tried in my spiritual based business wasn’t gaining any traction! It was frustrating, lonely and, mostly I felt as though there was something wrong with my idea and, ultimately with me…

After 8 years of chipping away at it, the penny finally dropped, and now, I share everything I have learnt about how to start, align, market and monetise your spiritual based business.

I had to learn that what I was doing now was not a career or something that I would be doing for the next 5 to 10 years, this was my life work, this is what I was put on earth to do.

And when I acknowledged and accepted that, I was able to surrender more and accept that what I was creating, was going to take time in order for me to get it right because sometimes we just accept mediocre, and underestimate what the Universe has in store for us, so if you haven’t been able to “get” things right with your business, that’s a great sign! It means that you are listening to your intuition and and guidance; you know you need to fully feel aligned to it.

When you understand how life works, you realise that there is a role for each and every one of us to fulfil. I can’t do what you are meant to do, and you can’t do what I am meant to do.

You can’t be me and I can’t be you.

I use the analogy of the jigsaw puzzle to explain the importance of this even further.

Imagine that each of us is a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, and, the Universe/God is the jigsaw puzzle. Each of us has a unique place to fill in that puzzle, each of us is part of the bigger picture, we are all attached and connected and, in order to complete the puzzle, we must all find our rightful places in it and help others do the same.

So, can you see how vital it is for you not to try and fit in just anywhere and, for you to be your true self?

And when you marry that understanding with the deep knowing that you are here for a reason that is bigger than you, and, that you can actually make a living out of doing your soul work, the fun actually starts, life as you imagine becomes a reality.

These days I spend my time writing, podcasting, running masterminds, workshops and immersions to help/guide others to gain the clarity and confidence in their life work and, to be their true selves.

Keyon’s no BS approach to Divine guidance and wisdom is unparalleled in the psychic world.  She sees your light and fiercely defends it while reflecting it back to you.  What comes forward isn’t always the easiest thing for our egoic selves to hear or process, but it’s always truth and it’s always spot on.  If you want the truth, not the watered down, candy coated version of next steps and the big picture of your life, work with Keyon.  If you want to be told what you want to hear, work with someone else! Working with Keyon gave me courage to act and step through my fear because I knew deeply it was truth.

Sherri Hayter ~ Canada

Lightworker, Sacred artist, Creative alchemist

Can’t thank you enough for the confirmation and guidance you have given me with my Energy Healing business and Spiritual work.

Your intuitive insights into where and why I’ve been stuck and how to get myself past those blocks to grow my business and help more clients has been invaluable.

Don’t know where I’d be without your practical, honest, psychic foot in my ass!!! 😍😉🔮😇 #IFLY

Lyndy Jewell ~ Australia

Psychic Healer

Working with Keyon has been SO powerful. After just one session she was able to pull parts of my story out of me that I was keeping hidden away without even realizing it. She helped me write my story in a way that feels in complete alignment with exactly who I am, and it feels so freakin’ fantastic! Truth is I was afraid to share some of the stuff that came out because I thought it would scare people away. But, what happened was exactly the opposite. In a matter of 2 days after sharing what I really wanted to be offering and who was behind the REAL me, I’ve been attracting more clients to me like a magnet! Keyon gave me the swift kick in the booty that I needed to stop waiting and do the thing I was scared of too. Don’t even think about making excuses with her! She is without a doubt an expert at what she does with a no-nonsense approach (and uncanny intuition) to weeding out the b.s. you might be hiding behind. I highly recommend working with her as it has shifted my mindset and how I approach my work tremendously!
You are AMAZING Keyon!  Lots of love and gratitude to you!

Mishy Matthews ~ Costa Rica

Energy Healer

The Intuitive Business & Marketing Session is inspirational because it is taught by someone who walks the talk. Keyon is a pro at being her authentic self using humor and insight. Her instruction is clear, logical, and effective. I gained so much more from the session than I anticipated. Keyon has inspired me, enabled me and given me the confidence to be me. I highly recommend that you treat yourself to a session.

Jill Schmidt ~ USA

Psychic Medium